Touching Lives Series

Read inspiring stories from members of co-operatives in Singapore. Find out the roles each co-operative play and how they benefit the society.

 creditstory ssbec

 There is a WAY out

“I could not eat nor sleep. I didn’t know the way out. Every month my take home pay went into paying the loan interest,” Mdm Tan said. Why is Mdm Tan in this dire straits?

 touching lives wavelink

 Fae Charts The Way

For two years, Nurfaezah was a bartender with limited job prospects. At a Job Fair in 2014, she approached a Captain and asked if a seafaring career was just for men. The Captain’s reply made her rethink...

 ISCOS Subin

 Back to Prison for a Different Reason

“It is very difficult to get a job when you have a criminal record,” Subin, 34, said in a matter-of-fact tone.

 ntuc health pauline grad

 "Passion Goes Beyond Age"

Kudos to Mdm Pauline Leong Wai Chan who has recently attained her Specialist Diploma in Community Gerontology Nursing, at 60 years young! As a strong advocate of lifelong learning, Pauline, with a deep sense of conviction, shared her life philosophy...

runninghour Charmaine

Run for Yourself, Run for Others

Charmaine loves running. It is her unwavering passion and obsession. It is one thing to run for yourself, but it takes an entirely different meaning when you make a difference in someone else’s life through running.

naina shah with family

Compassion of a Caregiver

"As a daughter, I just want to see my dad healthy again."

touching lives aupe01 2

Always There For Me

"The co-operative never once failed me. They allowed me to take time to repay my loans, and the agreed amount would then be deducted from my salary. I also know my money is safe with them and..."

Touching Lives Called to Comfort

Called to Comfort

While many may think it’s just a matter of whisking together milk, flour and eggs, CK swears that no one does pancakes better than her dad!

hihs coop club sale activity 2

Students Impacted Beyond The Classroom

Disengaged and unmotivated – that was the reputation of the group of 20 Secondary Three students who was first batch to join the Holy Innocents’ High School (HIHS) Coop Club.

mr bachik sgs coop k v2

Co-operator to The Last Breath

“My salary, when I joined the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in 1961 as a medical and health civil servant, was just $97 a month. But it was a job that I took great pride in and I stayed on till I retired at the age of 57.”

touching lives tcc education loan

Furthering Dreams

To every parent, our children’s academic success is our biggest pride. We all know that a good education will help elevate our children’s social and economic status as it is inextricably tied to employability. However, education is a hefty investment...


Mariners Making it Big

Growing up, Raja Muhamad Asyraf heard abah (his father) recount his seafaring experience. There were photographs too which spoke even more.

Heavily in Debt 500

The Trials and Tribulations of a Sole Breadwinner

One of the members of the Singapore Police Co-operative (Police Co-op) shares his story of how his co-op had helped him weather his financial difficulties by providing an affordable financial solution.

Faces of Co-operators

In our Faces of Co-operators series, we speak to young co-operators who share their passion for promoting the well-being of the communities where we live and work.

faces of cooperators tricia young

 Faces of Co-operators: Where Passion and Career Meet

“Never lose the joy of learning and always exercise ‘humble enquiry’. At any stage of your career or life, you will never have the answers to...”

 faces of coops TCC

 Faces of Co-operators: Financing with a heart

Join us to meet Ms Annalicia Brazas and Mr Gangatharan Kharthick from TCC Credit Co-operative Limited (TCC)!

 faces of cooperators alvin kuah

  Faces of Co-operators: Ohana Means Family

Today, we feature Alvin Kuah who is not your usual quiet and reserved Finance personnel.

 faces of coop iscos

 Faces of Co-operators: You've Got A Bro

Meet Rudy, who spoke passionately about the work he has been doing at Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd, despite being a quiet person by nature.

article faces of coop ssbec

Faces of Co-operators: Taking the Leap with SSBEC

Meet Zainarah & Deborah from Singapore Statutory Board Employees’ Co-operative Thrift & Loan Society, who took the leap to join a credit co-operative and continue to contribute passionately.

foc zhiwei seacare

Faces of Co-operators: Where Skills Meet Opportunities

"If you like what do you, you would find work to be relatively more enjoyable & meaningful."

foc ntuchealth

Faces of Co-operators: Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination

"Find out why Saffiahtol from NTUC Health Co-operative chose to join the Social Service Sector and how she made an impact to people's lives!"

Feature Image FOC AUPE 1024x569

Faces of Co-operators: Insights into AUPE Through The Lens of Youths

"If you have money, you will have a lot of friends surrounding you. But if you were to approach your friends for money, they will avoid you first. Hence, no money no talk is true."

foc wyx quote v1 1024x569

Faces of Co-operators: Student by Day, Entrepreneur by Night

Being a student entrepreneur is tough as one needs to balance studies, business and life. A persistent spirit is one of the top attributes for an entrepreneur.

ACSICoop FOC Featureimage 1024x569

Faces of Co-operators: Serving The School Community

Mother Teresa encouraged us to give our hands to serve and our hearts to love. As teenagers, how can they emulate what Mother Teresa had taught? Chan Wei Yang and Iain Chou from the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) chose to serve with love in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Limited (ACSI Co-op).

Polwel FOC Featureimage 1024x569

Faces of Co-operators: Young, Fearless and Growing

While most 21-year olds are still studying full time in university, Winny is already into her second year of working at POLWEL Co-operative Society Limited (POLWEL). After work, Winny attends part-time classes at Murdoch University where she majors in Marketing and Web Communication.