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If there is one thing that I have taken away from my days as a cadet, it would be the love of climbing mountains. As a cadet, I had the opportunity to traverse dense jungles and conquer peaks. There is just something about being within nature, climbing slowly but surely, until you reach a point higher than any other that appealed to me. And so, this begun my love of hiking mountains.

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Jurong Point is a mall I visit often, and have been going to since I was young. In light of Youth Day, I would like to reminisce about the time I spent at Jurong Point when I was younger. I frequented the mall after school with my friends, on weekends with my family, and whenever I am in the area. I particularly like going to Jurong Point because of the Mongkok Street and Japanese Food street. These Instagram-worthy locations draw me in every time I see them, especially since I have not been to Hong Kong nor Japan before!

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South Korea is an amazing place to visit. With its rich culture, beautiful landscape and amiable people, this country will not fail to surprise you.

In this Explore series, having travelled to Seoul over the years, I will be sharing 5 interesting places to visit in Seoul.

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When it comes to travelling with friends, some of the most common destinations include Taiwan, Bangkok, Vietnam, Bali, Phuket and Korea will come to my mind. Usually, these choices come up as they are considered as affordable, safe and photogenic countries to my friends and me.

While Indonesia is also a pretty affordable place to travel in, but other than Bali, it is rarely considered. This may be due to the lack of media coverage or publicity, I would not know the reason though. However, this place is pretty amazing in reality! This is especially so for people who do not enjoy going to touristy places and prefer a little adventure!


I once read a book by the famed journalist Jon Krakaeur, Into the Wild. The book described the life of Chris McCandles, a young American traveler who was determined to leave his life of relative comfort behind, and travel into the Alaskan Wilderness to find his life purpose. Much like McCandles, I have a certain fondness of the wild and am keen to understand myself better. However, I lacked his desire and will to go to such extent. Instead, I opted for an easier option than to dive into the Alaskan wilderness, by heading to Java, Indonesia, and hike Mt Semeru.

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From hearing about it on TV to reading about it in school, Spain has always been talked about in one way or another while I was growing up. Did you know that parts of Game of Thrones were filmed in Spain?

In this edition of the Explore series, I will be sharing 3 of the unique festivals in Spain that I dream of going to.

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The Great Wall. We have all heard of it before. It is a historic structure that was first formed during the Qin Dynasty to thwart the attacks from the North. It has been built and rebuilt over generations, and it remains one of the largest man-made structures to have ever been created. The legacy of the Great Wall is one that is heavily disputed, for it plays such an integral role in the history of China, yet speaks of injustice and torture during the stages of formation. Regardless of whatever, it is undoubtedly one of the most majestic creations that mankind has ever made.

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Growing up, one thing I learned is that Belgium is famous for is its chocolate! Did you know that in 1912, Jean Neuhaus invented the praline? Many brands such as Godiva, Wittamer and Neuhaus started in Brussels. Following the invention of the praline, the Belgian chocolate industry became world-famous. Beyond chocolate, Belgium offers its people and tourists multiple endless opportunities to sight-see, relax and soak in its culture.

In this edition of the Explore series, I will be a playing the role of a virtual tourist (due to the current COVID-19 situation) and share 5 places I would love to visit if I went to Brussels, Belgium.

JB Trip for under 280


Thinking about having a short getaway with your friends? Want to enjoy maximal consumer satisfaction without breaking the bank? Our beautiful neighbour, Johor Bahru, Malaysia (JB) might be one of your best options!

Though Singapore and Malaysia had re-open the border from 17 August 2020 onwards for selected travellers under the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL), and the Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) travel schemes, daily commuting are still not allowed. In this Explore series, I would like to reminisce the Johor Bahru, Malaysia (JB) trip that I went with a group of 6 friends in which each of us spent under SG$280 for a 2 Day and 1 Night stay.

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Georgetown is the capital city of the island and state of Penang, on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is the second-largest city in Malaysia and was listed by UNESCO in 2008 as a ‘World Heritage Site’. Founded in 1786 by British trader Francis Light, Georgetown was one of the three Straits Settlements along with Singapore and Malacca. Modern-day Georgetown is the centre of Penang Island, Malaysia’s second-largest city – with over 700,000 inhabitants. 

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