International Local Open Youth
For participants residing overseas. For Singaporeans and PRs residing in Singapore. For youths of ages 35 & below.

Submissions to be done only on SNCF Facebook or via Instagram with hashtag #coopHotShots6


International Local Open Youth
1st Prize: $1,000
2nd Prize: $500
3rd Prize: $250
1st Prize: $1,000
2nd Prize: $500
3rd Prize: $250
1st Prize: $600
2nd Prize: $300
3rd Prize: $150


Mindy Tan

well-known Singapore Street Photographer

Disconcerted by an Asia that is quickly forsaking its traditions for a modernity that leaves more people on the lower side of equal, she finds herself compelled to photograph the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Using a story-telling format, the photographer looks into a human psyche caught between split-seconds of emotional revelations and harsh truths.

Ambassador to Fujifilm as one of the brand’s X-photographers, she is the first female X-Photographer in South-East Asia and presented at Fujikina 2017 becoming the first female on Fujikina’s live stage in Kyoto.

Her photographic work today extend from street photography to contemporary affairs, weddings and sports, taking assignments worldwide. She has worked with brands such as Shell, Uniqlo, Mini Cooper and Huawei. Editorial clients include agencies newspapers such as Reuters, the Associated Press and Die Zeit.

Her greatest passion is street photography in Singapore and Asia, documenting Lee Kuan Yew’s passing, later selected for show at the National Museum of Singapore; and the 2015 Singapore General Elections, co-published into the book ‘Silenced Minority’.

Calvin Ng

SAFRA Photographic Club

Calvin started his photographic journey with the purchase of a entry level SLR just weeks before a trip to Turkey back in 1998 and next used it in a trek in Nepal in Dec 2002. With no prior photography training, he was frustrated with not doing justice to the scenic landscapes by using his SLR camera as a point and shoot. At his friend’s urging, he enrolled in the Basic Photography Course in 2003 with SAFRA Photographic Club.

Today, Calvin is the Chairman of SAFRA Photographic Club, and shared his passion with liked minded enthusiasts as a Basic Digital Photography Course instructor. Through photography, he is committed to learning and sharing the art of seeing creativity in everyday life.

Dolly Goh

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