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Coming Together As One Through Art Finale

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Can we make our world a better place?

Yes, when we come together for a common good.

We can only be better together!

This has been the central theme of the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), since it started its year-long campaign of art-themed pop-up events – “Coming Together As One Through Art”, to raise awareness about the Co-operative Movement and their contributions to Singapore’s nation-building efforts.

In conjunction with Singapore’s Bicentennial celebrations, the pop-up art events which kicked-off with Credit Co-operatives, Service Co-operatives and then NTUC Co-operatives, culminated with a grand finale held at the front plaza of Plaza Singapura, comprising a pop-up art installation from 26 September and climaxed with a three-day carnival held from 18 to 20 October, graced by President of Singapore Halimah Yacob.

Themed “Better Together”, the pop-up art installation took visitors on a journey through the Singapore Co-operative Movement from the 1900s to present. SNCF Chairman Kwek Kok Kwong highlighted - “Better Together essentially captures what co-ops are all about – people coming together to make a difference to society and empowering each other to do so.”

Proud about the co-operative movement, he went on to say - “Today, SNCF has 65 co-op affiliates, and we collectively serve our community by providing affordable daily essentials, education and training, healthcare, and financial services. Over the last few years, we had new co-ops coming together to create a new holistic eco-system to address the needs of our silver population and to enhance their quality of life. As a federation, we are proud that our eco-system of 65 co-ops now serve over 1.4 million members across Singapore.”


What was the whole objective of setting up these pop-up art events?

Besides creating awareness about the good work of the co-ops and their contributions to Singapore’s nation-building efforts since 1925, SNCF hopes to inspire more people to think creatively about new ways to solve issues faced by society, and raise ground-up initiatives that can make real impact to people’s lives by coming together to form new co-ops to address social needs.

sncf bicentennial singapore cooperatives singapore stories book launch president

In the spirit of togetherness, SNCF launched a new book entitled - Singapore Co-operatives Singapore Stories, to capture the rich and long history of co-ops in Singapore. Going through the book, President of Singapore Halimah Yacob couldn’t help but feel the gotong royong spirit. In her foreword to the book, she said – “For over 90 years, co-operatives have been an integral part of the Singapore Story. Today, the co-operative movement touches the lives of more than 1.4 million members and many more Singaporeans. Exemplifying the spirit of “gotong royong”, they served their communities.

This year, we commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial. It is thus fitting that the Singapore National Co-operative Federation has put together this book on the origins of Singapore co-operatives and their contributions to society, as well as how they have exemplified the values of thrift, mutual-support and self-determination.

Let us build on the legacy of our pioneers, and make Singapore a more caring, compassionate and inclusive home for everyone.”

sncf bicentennial popart event better together


At the Better Together pop-up art installation

At the Co-op Journey Through Time station, using creative illumination, visitors were transported to the past to witness the development of co-operatives until today.

sncf bicentennial popart event better together past present room coopsiol sncf bicentennial popart event better together future room coopsiol


In the ‘Future’ room, visitors had fun creating the future of co-ops. In a space not constrained by gravity, possibilities are endless and imaginations can soar.

Visitors were encouraged to snap and post photos or videos of the pop-up art event, to stand a chance to win free gifts. Others who preferred quizzes, participated in the co-op challenge and learnt about co-ops in an interactive way.

sncf bicentennial popart event better together ping pongInstagram: @1m_kenny

Visitors were given a chance to contribute by sharing how everyone can make Singapore better. They could drop a ping pong ball on any of the boxes which form the word, CO-OPS, where each letter represents a value that they resonate most with. Many others penned messages of how they think they can address a social need that has yet to be met.

sncf-bicentennial-popart-event-carnival-better-together-coop-booth-3The co-op carnival included curated F&B selection, creative art stations such as silhouette cutout, alongside live music. Co-operatives such as Singapore Government Staff Credit Co-operative, TCC Credit Co-operative, POLWEL Co-operative, NTUC LearningHub Co-perative, Silver Horizon Travel Co-operative, GP+ Co-operative and Coop Club from Global Indian International School banded together to set up booths, marketing their products and services.


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sncf bicentennial popart event carnival better together social net sncf bicentennial popart event carnival better together jagua tattoo

Catch the event video here!

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