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Thank You Health Professionals Thank You Health Professionals

Students in some Coop Clubs have been busy this week.  Initiated and led by the Singapore National Co-operative Federation Campus and Youth (C&Y) team, these students have been packing hampers and penning notes of appreciation in self-made thank you cards as a form of encouragement to healthcare professionals. The students wanted to show our healthcare professionals that Singaporeans do stand with them and support them in this trying time. 


"Thank you for your hard work and perseverance, we really appreciate all of you.  Inside the hamper are some goodies for you to munch. Hope you enjoy them. Love ~ Edgefield Secondary School."


Thank You Health Professionals Thank You Health Professionals


Dylan penned: "For your efforts!!! Stay strong!!! Ignore the haters. We will always support you!" 


"Thanks for being brave to step up although people judge you :(. ...Thanks once again for saving lives,"  said Kathy.


Check out our social media for updates on this initiative where students show their care and love for the healthcare professionals and frontline personnel in other fields. 


GP+ Co-operative has also launched an initiative, "Send your care and love" to the healthcare professionals in the private sector. They encourage people to give words of encouragement which will be published in their website.


Thank You Health Professionals   

They also advise people to use the mask effectively and efficiently only when one is not well.

Thank You Health Professionals




DollyIt has been a little more than a decade since I was invited to join the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF). The co-operative life was a total change for me after a lifetime career in the corporate world although I had always been involved as a volunteer, a Committee member and as a Board member in charities and in public service. Having the passion to continue to contribute to society especially for communities whose voices may be too soft to be heard, the challenge of doing good sustainably, the co-operative values of empowering one to help himself/herself and practising the gotong royong spirit make good sense.


For me, it was a learning journey in the co-operative movement which was challenging, exciting, fun and fulfilling, both locally and overseas.  It was never just a job. It is about making that difference. It is about touching lives, and building on the legacy of our pioneers and make lives better.


The co-operative movement is a force of do well and do good. However, if we want to remain relevant and drive continued growth, we need to first, collaborate and co-operate, to anticipate the next wave, to transform and be ahead of the pack.


We have shown that when we collaborate, we can accomplish more than the sum of each individual’s efforts. For example, coming together to plan and organise the mega event for 15,000 attendees including children, parents, grandparents from the NTUC First Campus Co-operative, ‘Co-opaliciouz - Come Together as One’ to commemorate 2012 International Year of Co-operatives (IYC), and working together with the Singapore Tourism Board to win the bid to host the first ever World Credit Union Conference in Singapore and in Southeast Asia in July 2018 which brought 1,400 attendees from 58 countries around the world to Singapore. 


Second, we need to engage and encourage the youth, the leaders of tomorrow, to join the co-operatives. I am extremely proud of our scholars in our scholarship programme. Once youths have longer term needs and interests, they can contribute to the sustainability of the co-operatives. In addition, taking proactive steps to plan for future talent needs will ensure smooth transition of leadership when the old guards retire, which help ensure the co-operatives’ future viability.


Third, we want to build on the legacy of our pioneers and leave a legacy for our future generations.  We documented this in the books published, i.e. ‘The Singapore Co-operative Story’ (1925-2015) and ‘Singapore Co-operatives, Singapore Stories’.


Fourth, for the co-operative movement to progress, it is important to engage all stakeholders including the Ministries. Policies should be appropriately balanced between the need to allow co-operatives to grow and the need to protect members’ interests. We should share resources and expertise more to be more productive and efficient than reinventing the wheels.


In short, for the co-operative movement to move forward, we must remember our roots - co-operatives exist to serve the communities while running sustainable businesses; and we must evolve with time; embrace the youth; and collaborate with other co-operatives, organisations and the Ministries. It is only when we walk the talk, we can then continue to tell our stories, Our Singapore Co-operatives, Our Singapore Stories, and fly the Singapore flag high and win the respect of Singaporeans and friends around the world.


I will remember the times that we have together when I move on to the next chapter of my life’s journey, to continue to do good and to do more good. Thank you for your guidance and in taking my guidance. I wish you all to continue to plough on and bring the co-operative movement to greater heights.


Remember, We Never Walk Alone!


Signing Off

Dolly Goh


Lifetime Memories that We Share Together


Launch of the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC) in Dec 2011      Co-opaliciouz in Jun 2012
Singapore's first ever legal tender stamps and First Day Covers on Co-operative  Movement IYC Children StoryBook Series in five languages & adapted into animated clips for broadcast
 Rochdale  2013 event
Presenting IYC Children Storybook Series to the Rochdale’s Pioneer Museum Come Together As One event in Sep 2013
 IYC  Anniversary Dinner
IYC Closing Ceremony in Jan 2013 SNCF 35th Anniversary in Sep 2015
 Scoop  ACLC
2015 SCOOP Trail 2015 Annual Co-operative Leaders’ Conference (ACLC)
 WCUC  group photo suntec big screen
Singapore won the bid to host 2018 World Credit Union Conference (WCUC)
With ICA President Dame Pauline Green at IYC Conference in Singapore in 2015 With ICA President Monique Leroux at the ICA Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2017
International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2017 ASEAN Co-operative Organisations Conference and AGM in 2018
 ICA President  ICA
With ICA President Ariel Guarco in July 2019  ICA Conference in Kigali in 2019
Anniversary Dinner    coop books
SNCF scholars & staff at Anniversary Dinner Books published on Singapore Co-operative Movement
Bicentennial Finale 2019
 Creathon 2020









“Thank you, Sir, for your support since Day 1!”  At the TNTA 10th AnniversaryCelebrations on 18 June 2019, Third Officer Raja Asyraf presented Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung with a memento - a framed photograph of Mr Ong pinning an epaulette on his cadet uniform at the start of training in 2012. Mr Ong is flanked by Ms Mary Liew, General Secretary, SMOU, and Asyraf.


A co-op helps him do just that.


Growing up, Raja Muhamad Asyraf heard abah (his father) recount his seafaring experience. There were photographs too which spoke even more.


The boy grew fascinated with the sea, and he applied for Nautical Studies after his ‘O’ Levels. 


However, his dream was dashed when he could not meet the course pre-requisites. He graduated instead with a diploma in Bio Technology and was offered a laboratory assistant job.


Somewhere along the road, all this time still thinking about the sea, a friend told him about the Tripartite Nautical Training Award (TNTA) programme that enables Singaporeans to be trained as Certificate of Competency (CoC) Class 3 deck officers in the maritime industry. 


TNTA is a flagship programme of the Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI), a subsidiary of the Wavelink Co-operative and the maritime training arm of Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU).

Today, Asyraf is a Third Officer with Maersk Tankers and getting closer to his dreams of becoming a Captain.


Wavelink Co-operative Ltd was jointly founded by the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU) and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) on 29 June 2000 as part of a greater shared vision to venture into new frontiers and business opportunities as well as provide social benefits to its members.


The Wavelink Co-operative established Wavelink Maritime Institute in 2007. Besides TNTA, Wavelink Maritime Institute offers the Tripartite Engineering Training Award (TETA) programme for ship engineers and short courses for the maritime industry.



This article was first published in the SNCF Commemorative Book, Singapore Co-operatives Singapore Stories in 2019 in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial.

Together We Serve 

On 18 December 2019, Singapore co-operatives brought festive cheers to the senior residents of Jalan Kukoh estate.


Themed “Together We Serve”, the CSR event was jointly organised by the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), Seacare Co-op, and affiliates from the service sector. About 90 volunteers from SNCF, Seacare Co-op, AUPE General Services Co-op, GP+ Co-op, ISCOS, Istoria Co-opLove Empowered Co-op, Methodist Co-op, Silver Horizon Travel Co-op, Silver Caregivers Co-op, Employment for Persons with Intellectual Disability Co-op (E4PID), SNCF Scholars, Registry of Co-operative Society (the Registry) and Jalan Kukoh Residents’ Committee (RC), distributed a set of gift items comprising a portable fan, a pillow and a loaf of Gardenia bread to 80 households spread over nine blocks of flats in the Jalan Kukoh estates. All gift items were sponsored by Seacare Co-op, Seacare Okiki p-Hub (S) Pte Ltd and Gardenia respectively.


 Together We Serve


The event started off with an opening speech from the Chair of the Service Sector, Ms Shena Foo, followed by a short briefing from the Seacare team.


Volunteers were divided into 13 teams to serve the nine blocks, and each team met and distributed the gift items to the residents in their homes. It was a very memorable experience for the volunteers as they witnessed their joy first-hand. It is such small acts of kindness that make the world a better place for all.


               Together We Serve    Together We Serve


After completing the distribution, volunteers ahead back to Club 52 at the Seacare Hotel where Ms Dolly Goh, CEO of SNCF gave a closing speech and thanked them for their efforts. Over the sumptuous dinner buffet sponsored by Seacare Co-op, the volunteers networked with one another, strengthening their relationships further.


The event ended off with laughter and new friendships were formed. Volunteers were glad that they were able to serve in this initiative and look forward to future collaborations.

To quote Barack Obama, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” 




Special Thanks to the Sponsors:

  Seacare Logo    Seacare OKiKi p-Hub         Gardenia   




As SNCF celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year, we recognise the contributions and sacrifices of our pioneer leaders. In this issue of "The Difference Maker" series, Co-operator pays tribute to Mr P Ramasamy, SNCF's first Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  



Co-operatives must meet the expectations of society, the demands of the national economy and the complexities of modern technology.

- Mr Packrisamy Ramasamy

The vision is still relevant today as it was first spoken in 1984 by Mr Packrisamy Ramasamy, fondly remembered as the first Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF).


A glimpse into Mr Ramasamy’s legacy and accomplishments reveals a man who is a pioneer and a strategist with the gift of mobilising people.


A cause close to him was workers’ welfare. His involvement with the trade unions began in 1952 when he was advisor to a few public daily-rated trade unions. In 1955, Mr Ramasamy was appointed full time General Secretary to the City Council Services’ Union (CCSU). He became an official of the Amalgamated Union of Public Employees (AUPE), and was elected Deputy General Secretary, a position he held until 1980.


When it came to challenging tasks such as leading a team in re-structuring and organising new setups, he was in his element.


Mr Ramasamy served as Secretary to the NTUC Task Force whose function was to restructure two industrial unions Singapore Industrial Labour Organisation (SILO) and the Pioneer Industry Employees’ Union (PIEU).


He was also the Director of NTUC Welcome Board (1979-1980) and NTUC Secretary for Co-operatives (1979-1982) and Deputy Director NTUC Research Unit. Ramasamy also served in difference capacities in numerous committees and boards including the Industrial Arbitration Court (1963-1967), Adult Education Board (1972-1978) and the Civil Service Productivity Steering Committee (1981-1983).


His leadership skills; trade union and co-operative experience; and expertise in restructuring, modernisation and consolidation of organisations made him the obvious choice to be appointed the first Chairman of SNCF in 1981 and Chief Executive Officer in 1983. In 1984, he was re-elected and appointed for a second term of three years as Chairman.


SNCF First ChairmanMr Ramasamy was entrusted with the responsibility to have SNCF recognised as a co-operative federation representing co-operatives in Singapore. It was no mean feat but he took it in his stride.


One of the first tasks Mr Ramasamy set to do was to uplift the capability and capacity of the co-operatives. His pro-active approach to co-operative development was to quickly bring co-operators and managers up to speed on the skills and knowledge needed to be effective.


In 1981, SNCF ran a two-year course on the theory and practice of effective management of co-operatives. The first-ever training workshop – Consultation Workshop on Training empowered some 80 SNCF affiliates. In 1983, SNCF held its first-ever co-operative manpower training requirements survey to determine the training needs of co-operatives and discovered that there was a shortage of professional and trained workers in the co-operative sector. More skills upgrading for co-operators and professional managers of co-operatives at all levels ensued. Courses on Co-operative Legislation, Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis and Investment Management were conducted.


During his leadership as Chairman, Mr Ramasamy took over the publication of The Co-operator from the Singapore National Co-operative Union, to make it the official mouthpiece of SNCF. The Co-operator was to carry informative news and articles about the goings-in in the co-operative world in Singapore and abroad.


By 1984, three years after the formation of SNCF, the percentage of co-ops in Singapore affiliated to SNCF stood at 96 per cent. In the triennial report covering 1981 to 1984, Mr Ramasamy highlighted that “centralisation has made possible better coordination of activities and more educational courses, in both general and specialised fields”.


By 30 June 1985, most of the co-operative societies in Singapore were united under the banner of SNCF. In that same year, a major milestone in the history of SNCF was made when it became an affiliate of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).


His most enduring legacy was the organising of co-operatives and the raising of standards of management within co-operatives.


Mr Ramasamy's untimely death on 4 July 1985, due to an acid attack was a shock to co-operators and trade unionists in Singapore and abroad. SNCF felt a great sense of loss for he was a loyal friend, diligent co-operator and respected leader. He paved the way for SNCF to grow. As we continue to chart the trajectory ahead, we navigate with the bearings of Mr Ramasamy had given us through his prescient vision of 1984.

In recognition of his contributions to the co-operative movement, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation conferred on Mr Ramasamy the Rochdale Gold Medal Award (posthumous) in 1987.  In 1983, the NTUC conferred Mr Ramasamy the Veteran of Labour Award.


We appreciate Mr Ramasamy for paving the way in the growth and development of not only SNCF, but the Co-operative Movement in Singapore.



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