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Know Our Co-ops series

Co-operatives have been an integral part of shaping Singapore, touching the lives of more than 1.4 million members. Co-operatives were birthed out of shared needs, responsibility and commitment to each other and to the society, and were amongst the earliest community self-help organisations to take root in Singapore.

The Know Our Co-ops series aims to let our affiliates to get to know each other better; appreciate each other's good work; and encourage conversations which can lead to collaborations. After all, we are in the same business to make a difference.


Sg Police Coop Old South Bridge Road
Undated photograph of Co-operative officials posed at the Central Police Headquarters at South Bridge Road.
Photo courtesy of Police Co-operative.


The Singapore Police Co-operative Thrift and Loan Society (Police Co-op), the first co-operative for uniformed personnel in the Singapore Government Service, was registered on 18 August 1926 with 85 members. Its founding objective was to provide members with financial assistance at affordable rates. The members were also encouraged to save.

Beyond fulfilling its fundamental role as a credit co-operative, the Police Co-operative served its members with different welfare initiatives. For example, in 1953, the Silver Jubilee Scholarship Fund was launched to aid the children of co-operative members who were killed in action during the Malayan Emergency or who were otherwise incapacitated and invalidated out of the service.

Today, 90 years later, the Police Co-operative, which was renamed the Singapore Police Co-operative Society (SPCS) in 1993, still remains relevant to the needs of its some 13,000 members.

Sg Police Coop New Sims Drive
Current SPCS Headquarters at 250 Sims Avenue.
Photo courtesy of Police Co-operative.

Located at Sims Avenue, it offers a wide range of savings schemes with one of the best interest rates in town. There are also different loans that cater to the different needs of its members. Members also enjoy 24-hour phone banking service, Common Good Fund, scholarship and bursary grants, subsidies for social functions and more.

The co-operative is upholding its motto - “we care, we listen, we help”, while working towards its mission to be “choice co-operative” and living out its vision of adding value to the well-being of its stakeholders.


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