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As Singapore pushes digital transformation for economic recovery, awareness and education on the importance of cyber security has become more critical.

Cyber Security Tcc Coop Participants
Participants from TCC Credit Co-operative
attended the online sharing session on cyber security

As part of a series of online sharing sessions to help co-operatives to adapt to the new normal, SNCF collaborated with the Cyber Security of Singapore (CSA) and TOFFS Technologies to deliver a webinar on Cyber Security for Co-operatives on 21 August 2020.  The webinar, with the support of the Registry of Co-operative Societies, aimed to raise awareness of cyber security and introduce possible measures that could help enhance cyber security defence and digital risk management.

Mr Yum Shoen Yih, Director of CSA, shared on new normal as a result of the COVID 19 and how organisations can secure their business and work in the new normal.  CSA has identified 13 integrated cyber security measures which are featured in the handbook,  Be Safe Online, and is working with several Singapore security companies to help organizations enhance their cyber defence capabilities and risk management through a one-stop security-as-a-service, Asset Based Cybersecurity Defence (ABCD). Mr Jason Kong, CTO & Co-founder of TOFFS Technologies, shared on cyber security issues such as the recent cases of cyber-attack and how the ABCD solution can mitigate internet and insider attacks.

More than 50 participants attended the webinar, which lasted one and half hours, and gave positive reviews.

enhanced ccf grant session group photo

On 15 September, over 40 co-operatives attended the online sharing session on the Enhanced CCF Grant Framework conducted by SNCF Relationship Manager Mr Choy Mun Kit. The session reached out to all co-operatives including non-affiliates.

The session covered in detail the objectives, criteria and application process of the grants - CCF Development Grant, CCF Training Grant, CCF Special Grants and CCF New Co-op Grant.  Following which, several questions were raised during the Q&A session, which led to a better understanding of the CCF Grant Framework like its eligibility criteria and the application process.

While driving for digital transformation, co-operators are encouraged to leverage the various CCF grants to help improve their co-operative’s operations, save cost and provide better services to their members.

SFCCA Youth Networking on 19 Sep 2020 banner

Have you ever done any voluntary work? People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons – it may be that they feel for the community they are lending a hand to, or they just want to put their extra time into a good use.

SNCF recently co-organised a networking session with the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association (SFCCA), A Good Space Co-operative and NTUC Health Co-operative on 19 September 2020.

The session on “A Journey of Volunteerism with Co-operatives in Singapore” saw 50 participants logging in to Zoom where they learnt about co-operatives and how they can partake in doing good for the society.

journey volunteerism coops agoodspace vincent
Mr Vincent Ng from A Good Space Co-operative shared about their recent initiatives, which you may have come across in their social media posts such as calling on residents to repurpose their National Day FunPack into a #SGGratitudePack for the migrant worker community who has been impacted disproportionately by the COVID-19 pandemic. He also explained how it is tough to operate as separate communities championing different causes. He hopes that through volunteering, people can realise the power of volunteerism as a form of gratitude and contribution to the society.

Participants were then broken up into smaller groups to share about their stories and to inspire one another on ways to volunteer and do good.

journey volunteerism coops ntuc health
The next speakers were from NTUC Health Co-operative, Ms Chai Chee Mei and Ms Low Xiu Hui who spoke about the volunteering opportunities with the co-operative. The nursing homes and senior day care centres welcome volunteers to join them in their activities. You can contribute by conducting classes and organising outings, or befriending neighbours in the community who need may need reminders for medication or simply be a listening ear. Interested volunteers can click here to find out more.

The sharing by Ms Lynn Wong, the first recipient of the Inaugural SFCCA Clan Youth Award and a member of the Youth Committee, left a deep impression. With enthusiasm, she shared about her five years of experience in volunteering at the NTUC Health Co-operative and how she has moved from initially being a participant to now an organiser for activities.

journey volunteerism coops lynn wong 1

journey volunteerism coops lynn wong 2
Ms Wong and her friends have organised a series of traditional food-making activities, in addition to holding festive events, where young volunteers led the elderly to cook traditional dishes of different Chinese ethnics. She is encouraged by the happy vibes from the seniors and through volunteering, she found a safe space to learn and grow with her peers, while  apply the skillsets learnt from volunteering to her work and daily life.


The act of doing good can be done by anyone who wish to serve, and together, we can build a stronger community which is bonded by mutual help and co-operation, the values of co-operatives. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you would like to volunteer with our co-operatives.

sncf 40 anni csr group photo

Smiles lighted up our faces as staff and scholars celebrated the Singapore National Co-operative Federation’s (SNCF) Ruby Anniversary a day earlier on 17 September 2020 by expending both time and money to support Food from the Heart’s (FFTH) Community Food Pack programme. FFTH is a non-profit organisation that feeds the needy through its food distribution programme.

 sncf turns 40 csr 1 sncf turns 40 csr 2 
 sncf turns 40 csr 3  sncf turns 40 csr 5

In addition to sorting and packing over 300 food goodie bags, SNCF staff and scholars pooled together over $1,000 to purchase 40 food packs of 10 items, which include coffee, tea, biscuits, vermicelli, and canned meats, fish and vegetables for the FFTH Community Food Pack programme. The programme helps the less-fortunate put food on the table and offset their living expenses.

sncf turns 40

As part of the celebration, SNCF gave away 40 goodie bags to its Facebook and Instagram followers who provided the correct answer and tagged a friend.

Two lucky winners walked away with a limited edition SPF200 Framed Badges of Past to Present SPF Vehicles and Lightbox of the Old Hill Street Police Station (worth $80.90!). The winners were selected based on the most likes to their comments - one each on Facebook and Instagram. The gifts are sponsored by the POLWEL Co-operative.



This year 2020 - it is 40 years ago that SNCF was registered with 20 founder members. Today SNCF has over 60 members.  Here are some fun facts to recap the Singapore Co-operative Movement’s journey:

1 thennow TGA
SNCF held its first general meeting on 14 March 1981 and just concluded its very first virtual 14th Triennial General Assembly (TGA)! Why is there TGA? TGA allows its co-op members to review the financials, raise matters for discussion and the exciting part - to vote and elect members for SNCF Executive Council. Very much like the nation's general election ✔

2 thennow sncf logo
#DidYouKnow, there is an "=" symbol in the current SNCF logo? It symbolises equality!

SNCF logo, refreshed in 2011, uses a bold and strong typeface to present strength and solidarity in the Co-operative Movement. The ‘C’ encapsulates the word ‘Co-operative’ as a visual symbol of the principles of self-help and mutual help to serve society. The design of the ‘=’ symbol as part of the ‘F’ seeks to depict equality among all co-operative members.

Take a look how SNCF logo has evolved over time here.

3 thennow ACLC
SNCF Annual Co-operative Leaders' Conference (ACLC) was first held in 1994 - that's 26 years ago!

Fast forward, the 2019 ACLC, together with affiliates, was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. While the 2020 ACLC plans were smashed due to the pandemic, the co-op movement is huddling virtually through webinars and sharing sessions to keep co-operators enriched 💞

4 thennow first coop
64 affiliates, 4 co-op sectors, 37 scholars and 18 staff strong, the co-op movement is one of self and mutual help, where we believe like-minded individuals can come together and make the society a better place - through co-operation, equality and care for community too! ❤

You can join the co-op movement too by being a member of a co-op, apply as a scholar, join youth events or start-up your own co-op! 💡

5 thennow events
Do you remember #coopsiol?

When Singapore commemorated its Bicentennial in 2019, the co-op movement showcased its contributions to nation-building through pop-up art installations. President Halimah Yacob was invited to launch the book "Singapore Co-operatives, Singapore Stories", which you can spot it in our public libraries and schools!

And here's also a walk down memory lane of the Co-operative Day Carnival in 1986.

6 thennow scholars
SNCF believes that youth have the power to make the difference. The apex body has supported 13 batches of #ScholarsWithAHeart through our SNCF Co-op Scholarship.

Take a look at the very first batch of scholars in 2008 here.

7 thennow rochdale
#DidYouKnow, there are road names in Singapore that are related to co-ops?

1️⃣ The former Singapore Government Servants’ Housing Co-operative named the road fronting their housing projects in the Paya Lebar estate Rochdale Road, after the Rochdale Pioneers who started the world’s first co-op in 1844. Another road, Thrift Drive, celebrates the virtue of thrift that co-ops promote and uphold.

2️⃣ Kadayanallur Street is named after the South Indian town of Kadayanallur where many of the Tamil Muslims in Singapore originally came from. And we also have a credit co-op, Singapore Kadayanallur Muslim Co-operative Thrift & Loan Society formed in 1948, to cater to this migrant community.

heart series banner empathy

How can we make our world a better place?
When co-operators come together with the power of empathy.

Empathy is the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by putting oneself in that person’s situation and feeling what he/she must be going through. It’s a much-needed virtue in today’s world, where people are just too concerned with self-preservation and their own needs.

Co-operator reached out to two co-operatives to find out why empathy matters and how this is expressed in their work.

Treat others better

The motto of Runninghour Co-operative (Runninghour Co-op) – run to bond, run so others can – has in essence, a desire to build an inclusive society. Through its activities, Runninghour Co-op seeks to cultivate self-reliance, collaboration, advocacy and respect.

In order to build a supportive environment, Runninghour conducts running guide training to allow its volunteers to understand the challenges faced by its members with special needs and how they can be best supported physically and socially.

Empathy is at the forefront of how the co-op runs its activities. “To us empathy means treating every member in the co-op the way they like to be treated regardless if they have a disability.” - said John See Toh, Chairman of Runninghour Co-op.

Runninghour Co-op intentionally ensures that at least 30 per cent of its management committee comprise  people with special needs so that their perspectives are represented.

More than just a good-to-have ability, empathy for others has led volunteers to be able to make meaningful connections and help those in need. “It has been an enriching journey to be able to make a difference in the lives of members,” John admitted. “Your beneficiaries become your friends and you don't feel that you are just giving but are doing things with friends.”

Co-operator understands that members with special needs look forward to running with their guides, meeting new friends and catching up with one another on a regular basis.

Understanding needs

Since 1989, Industrial & Services Co-operative Society (ISCOS) has been helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society, and is the only one in Singapore engaging in such work. Run by staff and volunteers, ISCOS focuses on providing support to members and their families.

In a show of empathy, Ravan Kumar, Senior Social Service Executive, Support & Guidance, ISCOS, highlighted that, “When we first engage them, we must recognise that they are fellow Singaporeans with basic human needs. Some of them are parents, while others have their fair share of societal roles to play.”

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of ISCOS members’ and beneficiaries’ lives have been adversely affected. Newly released ex-offenders are re-entering a different world overshadowed in uncertainties and challenges. Many return to the community with determination and hopes of changing for the better but lack the resources.

With a heart of empathy, ISCOS talked to those affected, to understand their struggles and support them in overcoming their obstacles. It was through understanding their needs, that the initiative “Give a Line, Change a Life” was set up to provide a free smart phone with six months’ worth of unlimited data to long sentenced ex-offenders. This initiative which helped beneficiaries to connect with potential employers, and to virtually keep in touch with family, friends and ISCOS, is but one of the levels of support that is relevant to the unprecedented times.

Having the opportunity to play a part in bettering an individual’s life has always been a key factor on why Ravan chose and continue to serve in the co-op. His journey with ISCOS has been an eye opening, educational and inspiring one. Ravan finds inspiration in the stories of ISCOS Titans* who not only overcome life challenges and excel in their businesses, but have the heart to give back to the community. “Their stories of perseverance and change are what drives me on in the work I do and reinforce my belief that change and betterment of self is possible for anyone.”

*ISCOS Titans are a selected group of members who are stable in their reintegration and willing to give back by sharing their life experiences with inmates, students and members of public.



The heart is the most important organ to keep the body going. Similarly, having a heart for the community is what makes co-operatives different from any other business. This H.E.A.R.T. series strives to outline areas that can help ready co-operatives for a world of changing needs.

Sncf 14th TgaFor the first time, SNCF held its Triennial General Assembly (TGA) on 3 September in the virtual space as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.  At the eTGA, Mr Kwek Kok Kwong, Chairman of SNCF recapped the steps taken by the Co-operative Movement to do good and do well together from FY2017 to FY2019.

The eTGA saw 54 representatives from affiliated organisations receiving updates on SNCF’s initiatives to help the four co-operative sectors serve their members and the community better. Prior to the meeting, delegates had submitted their votes on the tabled resolutions through a proxy form.

The attendees also witnessed the election of the new SNCF Executive Council for the next three years.

SNCF welcomed four new members to the SNCF Exco – Ms Thian Ai Ling from the NTUC First Campus Co-operative Ltd, Mr John Raghavan from the Singapore Government Staff Credit Co-operative Society Ltd, Mr Allan Tok from the Singapore Teachers’ Co-operative Society Ltd, Mr Mike Chian from the Love Empowered Co-operative Ltd.

SNCF also wished to record its appreciation to Mr Richard Zaccheus and Mr Mike Thiruman, who had just stepped down from the EXCO for their commitment and dedication during their term of office.  Mr Kwek Kok Kwong was re-elected as the Chairman for the new term FY2020 to FY2022. Existing Exco members Mr Tng Ah Yiam and Mr Yeo Chun Fing, who renewed their terms of appointment, were re-elected as the First and Second Deputy Chairpersons respectively.

sncf exco 2020

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