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As Singapore pushes digital transformation for economic recovery, awareness and education on the importance of cyber security has become more critical.

Cyber Security Tcc Coop Participants
Participants from TCC Credit Co-operative
attended the online sharing session on cyber security

As part of a series of online sharing sessions to help co-operatives to adapt to the new normal, SNCF collaborated with the Cyber Security of Singapore (CSA) and TOFFS Technologies to deliver a webinar on Cyber Security for Co-operatives on 21 August 2020.  The webinar, with the support of the Registry of Co-operative Societies, aimed to raise awareness of cyber security and introduce possible measures that could help enhance cyber security defence and digital risk management.

Mr Yum Shoen Yih, Director of CSA, shared on new normal as a result of the COVID 19 and how organisations can secure their business and work in the new normal.  CSA has identified 13 integrated cyber security measures which are featured in the handbook,  Be Safe Online, and is working with several Singapore security companies to help organizations enhance their cyber defence capabilities and risk management through a one-stop security-as-a-service, Asset Based Cybersecurity Defence (ABCD). Mr Jason Kong, CTO & Co-founder of TOFFS Technologies, shared on cyber security issues such as the recent cases of cyber-attack and how the ABCD solution can mitigate internet and insider attacks.

More than 50 participants attended the webinar, which lasted one and half hours, and gave positive reviews.

enhanced ccf grant session group photo

On 15 September, over 40 co-operatives attended the online sharing session on the Enhanced CCF Grant Framework conducted by SNCF Relationship Manager Mr Choy Mun Kit. The session reached out to all co-operatives including non-affiliates.

The session covered in detail the objectives, criteria and application process of the grants - CCF Development Grant, CCF Training Grant, CCF Special Grants and CCF New Co-op Grant.  Following which, several questions were raised during the Q&A session, which led to a better understanding of the CCF Grant Framework like its eligibility criteria and the application process.

While driving for digital transformation, co-operators are encouraged to leverage the various CCF grants to help improve their co-operative’s operations, save cost and provide better services to their members.

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