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Co-operatives that thrive sustainably are the ones that have strong foundations and constantly adopt technology and innovative processes to stay attuned to members’ needs. Co-operatives can tap on the Enhanced CCF Grant Framework to build capabilities, innovate, and transform.  The Enhanced CCF Grant Framework is It is made up of four components: (1) CCF Development Grant; (2) CCF Training Grant; (3) CCF Special Grants; and (4) CCF New Co-operative Grant.

Singapore Prison Service Multi-purpose Co-operative leverages CCF Development Grant to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations and to strengthen its operating capabilities so as to provide better and enhanced services to its members.  The CCF Development Grant comprises Productivity Solutions, Facilities Enhancement, Professional Services, Salary (full time accountant), and Digital, Social Media and Other Marketing Expenses.

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Mr Lloyd Phua said: “The CCF Development Grant provides 80% of the funding support. The Productivity Solutions enabled us to adopt IT solutions and equipment which helped us to improve business operations. For example, Abacus, a web-based platform. Abacus is cost-effective and an easy-to-use system which helps us to serve our members in a timely manner. We also make use of the Professional Services for bookkeeping / accounting services and statutory audit fee to enhance our governance and operational efficiency.”

“It is easy to apply for grants. SNCF has been very helpful and prompt in the entire application process. They also guided us through the process and the type of documents we would need for our application,” he continued.

Indeed, there are various grants provided under the Enhanced CCF Grant Framework that co-operatives can tap on, to scale up. Here, we list down the various grants:

  1. CCF Development Grant enhances co-operatives’ capabilities, governance, and operational efficiency. The grant is available every year.

  2. CCF Training Grant provides funding of courses, seminars and conferences to help co-operative officers improve their knowledge and learn relevant skills for the running of their co-operative.

  3. CCF Special Grants provide co-funding for specific schemes and projects such as legal services grant, outsourced internal audit grant, minimum competency training grant, and the PDPA grant that co-funds PDPA-related expenditure, such as training, consultancy, audit, legal advice and DPTM expenses.
  4. CCF New Co-operative Grant is available to newly registered co-operatives. It is used to support the initial set-up costs and operating expenses for up to three years.

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