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As of April 3, 1.52 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Singapore. But what it’s like after getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Co-operator spoke to SNCF Chairman Mr Tng Ah Yiam, SNCF CEO Mr Ang Hin Kee and TCC Chairman Mr Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar on their vaccination experience.


On registration…

“The registration process was such a breeze. There was minimal waiting time, and I was ushered for my first jab within a couple minutes upon reaching the centre,” said Mr Shareef.

On first dose…

Anghinkee Vaccination Covid19
Mr Ang receiving his vaccination

Mr Ang shared: “Before the vaccine was administered, the staff asked about my allergies (if any) and explained all possible symptoms one may get. I had some minor numbness on my arm but no fever or soreness”. 

Mr Shareef agreed: “I must commend our health authorities for the excellent arrangements to facilitate the vaccination. I hardly felt the jab of the needle. I experienced no pain but do remember tossing a little whilst I slept that night. The next morning, I felt normal.”

“I also didn’t experience any discomfort,” added Mr Tng.

On second dose…

Both Mr Tng and Mr Ang experienced a mild headache which lasted for a day. Mr Ang said: “I had some soreness on the arm and a mild headache on the second day. Nothing a Panadol cannot help to relieve the symptoms”. 

On vaccination…

“I will encourage all fellow co-operators to get their jab so that we can protect ourselves and our family members,” said Mr Shareef.

Mr Tng added: “Let’s continue to observe the various safe management measures and if scheduled, to consider getting vaccinated. That will put us closer to the path of getting back to the normal we were all accustomed to in the past”.

With more of us getting vaccinated, it will protect ourselves and the people around us. We can also look forward to further reopening of activities in the community and economy. Meanwhile, let’s continue to remain vigilant, observing safe measurement measures to keep everyone safe till the population is protected.

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