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Co-operator Newsletter: March 2019 issue

touching lives tcc education loanPhoto credit: @mindandi

To every parent, our children’s academic success is our biggest pride. We all know that a good education will help elevate our children’s social and economic status as it is inextricably tied to employability. However, education is a hefty investment, and not every parent can afford to fund their children’s tertiary education. Our children may have to work for a few years in order save up to further their education or they can fast track their route by taking an education loan. 

When come to loans, for most people, the first place that we would think of will be the commercial banks. But for not for Mrs Joan*. She approached TCC Credit Co-operative for a helping hand when it comes to her daughter’s tertiary education.

“TCC Credit Co-operative’s staff are very friendly and I am so comfortable chatting with them. The interest rate by TCC Credit Co-operative is affordable too compared to others,” said Mrs Joan. “With this loan, my daughter is able to pursue her study and achieve her dream.”  

Mrs Joan was full of praises for TCC Credit Co-operative. She said: “No words can describe my joy when I received a call to inform me that my application was approved. TCC Credit Co-operative was efficient. The application process was straightforward and the processing time for approval of application was not long too.” She ended with a word of encouragement for the staff: “Keep up your determination, helpfulness, friendliness & joyfulness! Once again, 'THANK YOU' TCC Credit Co-operative.”

TCC Credit Co operative Ltd logo

TCC Credit Co-operative

TCC is a family-oriented Credit Co-operative. A not-for-profit financial institution, TCC Credit Co-operative provides members with a safe repository for savings and access to credit at affordable interest rates. It cares for the well-being of its members and their families. It is the only credit co-operative that members of the public can join. TCC Credit Co-operative offers loans at competitive interest rates such as education loan, marriage loan etc that would help you through the different stages of your life. Visit their website at or call +65 6319 3700 now!


*Not her real name

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