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With his Ph.D. in Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Dr Troy Hall travels the globe to inspire and teach others how to create cultures of cohesion to retain talent. As the Chief Strategy Officer for South Carolina Federal Credit Union, Dr Troy Hall has spent over a decade researching talent retention at top companies and working with his team to build a Cohesion Culture™. This culture supports employees having a sense of belonging, feeling valued, and making a commitment to organisational success through their development. It is thus not surprisingly that the South Carolina Federal Credit Union, a multi-billion-dollar financial institution, was voted for the sixth year as one of the “Best Places to Work”.

Leveraging his expertise and his presence in Singapore between 30 September and 3 October 2019, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation invited Dr Hall to conduct a workshop for the affiliates.

dr troy leadership workshop group 2About 30 participants from 13 co-operatives attended the workshop on 2 October where he spoke about how a Cohesion Culture in workplaces has a positive impact on performance of an organisation as well as retaining talents.

“A boss has the title, a leader has the people”, he said.

Employees will start to leave an organisation when the management does not have a cohesion culture mindset. Factors that can affect talents’ decision to stay or leave an organisation are:

  • Leadership
  • Advancement
  • Fair compensation
  • Tools & Resources
  • Autonomy

It was a fruitful and engaging workshop for participants as they get to learn and identify political, economic, social and technology trends that would impact their co-operatives. Other management strategies highlighted during the workshop included Michael Porter’s 3 Generic Strategies and Kotter’s 8-step change process.

A big thank you to Dr Hall for taking time off to help impart knowledge on leadership, talent management and strategic planning.

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