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Caregivers Workshop
Photo credit: Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited

Article contributed by Dr Kalyani Mehta, SCCL Board member

Caregiving is a journey that transforms the person providing care in multiple ways and in unimaginable directions. This is reflected in each of the stories compiled and presented here.

Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited (SCCL) champions the cause of family caregivers by facilitating support and empowering them with holistic skill sets in professional care and training. Through its integrated resource network, SCCL also provides caregivers with assistance such as psychosocial coping strategies, workshops and social networking events. The co-operative envisions a caring society, where the care recipients’ needs are addressed by well-informed caregivers. They also aim to raise awareness of the important social contribution of caregivers to society, and the social and emotional challenges they face. The philosophy of former caregivers helping current caregivers of seniors by sharing and caring forms the backbone of SCCL.

The mission of SCCL is Caring for Caregivers. SCCL is an approved training provider for Caregiver Training workshops under the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). Please go to SCCL website for the details of their upcoming workshops.

SCCL emphasises that caregivers need to practice self-care. The self-care needs to be in terms of not only physical care such as having sufficient rest, being resourceful to seek help when needed, but also taking respite regularly to re-charge and re-energise themselves. In this regard, activities such as stress-releasing Yoga workshops, recreational activities and informational talks are run by SCCL throughout the year. Members get special benefits when they attend the talks. Members get to know each other and form a caring community within SCCL.

SCCL is planning to grow its presence in Singapore in the near future, so that more caregivers may benefit. With a fast ageing society, the numbers of caregivers will rise fast. Going forward, SCCL will try to expand its membership base and the support from all sectors of society will be essential. Comprehensive health screening for caregivers is one of the focus of SCCL’s activities, and the message is important to convey to all caregivers. Caregivers may be “hidden patients” in the sense that undiagnosed conditions may deteriorate during the time that the caregiver is busy with caring for the loved one. It is very important that members of the public become aware of the importance of preventive comprehensive health screening.

Since anyone can become a caregiver at any time, it is essential for all to gain knowledge and skills of caregiving for seniors so that we are prepared to take up the role or give assistance to a relative, colleague or friend when they are experiencing their caregiving journey!

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