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The co-operative never once failed me. They allowed me to take time to repay my loans, and the agreed amount would then be deducted from my salary. I also know my money is safe with them and has been of help to other members, as well.


Mr Mohamed Shariff bin Mohd Ismail, 65, has been a co-operative member since 1991 as he sees that being a member has helped improve his life.

Touching Lives Aupe02 2“I was 27 years old when I joined the public service in 1980s as a Division 4 officer. Singapore then was experiencing our first post-independence recession and I was not sure whether I could keep my job. So, I joined the AUPE Union because I knew that I could turn to the Union for help. It was easy and convenient to be a member of AUPE Credit Co-operative as the union and co-operative are housed under one roof. The union has all my records and that cut down the paperwork.” Mohamed Shariff said.

He continued: “Over the years, AUPE Credit Co-operative has become the place for all of my financial needs. It was the first one I contacted when I got married, when I renovated my home and when I paid fines for having third and fourth kids. The co-operative never once failed me. They allowed me to take time to repay my loans, and the agreed amount would then be deducted from my salary. I also know my money is safe with them and has been of help to other members, as well.”

Joining the co-operative was one of the best moves Mohamed Shariff had ever made: “Their assistance did not stop just at savings and loan products. Being a co-operative member has its benefits and privileges.”

“Back then, I was only drawing a basic salary of $250 a month, and it was tough raising four kids on my salary alone. AUPE Credit Co-operative offers a helping hand … in the form of study awards. The study grants helped to lessen my burden. Today, my third and fourth kids, who are now in the local university, are still receiving the study awards,” he beamed.

“In 2001, I suffered from a heart attack, and the co-operative paid me a daily hospital allowance. This is to assist members meet part of our hospitalisation expenses. AUPE Credit Co-operative has served me well and reliably,” he affirmed.

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Mohamed Shariff summed up his relationship with AUPE Credit Co-operative. He said: “I love going to the co-operative because I feel at home when I go there. They know me by name, and I have had the best experiences with them. The staff are very friendly, understanding and easy to talk to when you need help. I am glad to be a long-standing member.”

Credit co-operatives are not-for-profit organisations with a social mission i.e. to provide members with access to affordable financial solutions and better their lives.

The AUPE Credit Co-operative Ltd operates on the Co-operative concept of mutual help and assistance where members pool their limited individual savings to help each other. Co-operative members enjoy the following:

  • Credit facility and loan services.
  • Good returns on shares, subscriptions, savings and term deposits.
  • Hospitalisation Benefit of $20 per day when warded in a Singapore hospital capped at $5,000 per year or $10,000 per person.
  • Study Grants ranging from $100 to $350 for members' children from Primary to University level.

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