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Easing of COVID-19 Measures (26 April 2022)
2022-05-17 22:23:00

Easing of COVID-19 Measures (26 April 2022)

From the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, check out more information on the easing of COVID-19 measures in Singapore. 

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The COVID-19 situation in Singapore has stabilised and the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has announced further easing of community Safe Management Measures (‘SMMs’) effective from 26 April 2022. This includes amongst other things, the lifting of Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (‘VDS’) in most settings.

Notwithstanding the above, co-ops may continue to hold virtual or hybrid general meetings by electronic means by relying on the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangements for Meetings for Charities, Co-operative Societies and Mutual Benefit Organisations) Order 2020 (‘the Order’). The Order will continue to be in force until revoked or amended by the Ministry of Law. To provide certainty to entities organising meetings, Ministry of Law will give at least 6 months’ advance notice before the alternative arrangements cease to be available and the Registry will notify co-ops accordingly. Co-ops may refer to the Guidelines and FAQ (updated 28 April 2022) for the holding of virtual and hybrid AGMs under “Resources and useful links”.

Co-ops holding physical or hybrid general meetings (i.e. meetings with a physical element) should comply with the prevailing SMMs if applicable (for example, that VDS are still required in events/settings with more than 500 participants at a time). Co-ops should additionally refer to the Ministry of Manpower’s website for SMMs at the workplace ( In the event a co-op holds a purely physical AGM, it should be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Co-operative Societies Act and the co-op’s by-laws (i.e. similar to how the AGM was held before COVID-19, and not reliant on the Order).

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