Whistle Blowing Policy

The SNCF Whistleblowing Policy aims to provide information and a reporting channel for all stakeholders to make such a report. The report will be channelled to SNCF’s Chairperson.

The reports and identities of the whistleblowers will be kept confidential to the extent feasible and permissible under the law.


As a general guide, whistleblowing matters typically encompass the following broad categories, including but not limited to:

  1. General misconduct
  2. Breach of laws, rules & regulations
  3. Conflict of interest transactions
  4. Unsafe practices endangering the health and safety of another person

For non-whistleblowing feedback on SNCF operations, programmes and human resource policies, please go to https://www.sncf.coop/enquiries-feedback.

Reporting Channel

Reports should be as specific and detailed as possible; and can be sent via email or ordinary mail to:

Email: whistleblowing@sncf.org.sg

Ordinary Mail

SNCF Chairperson

Singapore National Cooperative Federation Limited

510 Thomson Road #12-02

SLF Building Singapore 298135


Only reports pertaining to matters that fall under the scope defined above will be investigated.  Based on the nature of the report, the Chairperson may assign appropriate staff or person(s) to investigate the allegations raised in the report. All findings and recommendations of the investigation shall be reported to the Chairperson for decisions on action(s) to be taken. Where appropriate, and subject to any legal and confidentiality constraints, the whistleblower may be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

Who we are

SNCF is the apex body of Singapore’s Co-operative Movement, and secretariat of the Central Co-operative Fund (CCF). Formed in 1980 with the aim of championing Singapore’s Co-operative Movement, the apex body represents majority of co-operative members in Singapore through its affiliated co-operatives.