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What is the Co-operative Story? This Video by ICA Might Tell You What It Is About
2024-04-25 03:53:00

What is the Co-operative Story? This Video by ICA Might Tell You What It Is About

The 3-minute video is produced by a worker co-operative in Barcelona, Spain.

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) has commissioned a new promotional video to tell the co-operative story.

Produced by Bruna, a worker co-operative in Barcelona, Spain that has expertise in film production, the upbeat video is three minutes long and explains the role ICA plays in championing the global co-operative movement.

“The ICA advocates for the interests and success of cooperatives and collaborates with global and regional institutions to promote the cooperative model,” it said.

The ICA also plays a key role in connecting co-operatives around the world and building their capabilities as co-operatives. 

SNCF featured in ICA video
SNCF's 2022 Annual Co-operative Leadership Conference was featured in the video by ICA. 

Beyond that, the video also details co-operatives’ involvement in various sectors, from agriculture to banking, health to housing, and industry to services, each aimed at building a better world by focusing the nation’s and planet’s wellbeing ahead of profits.

It adds: “Co-operatives around the world are a solid business model, showing more resilience to economic recessions than traditional business models.”

“Unlike every other story, this (co-operative) story has no end.”

By Sng Ler Jun

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Who we are

SNCF is the apex body of Singapore’s Co-operative Movement, and secretariat of the Central Co-operative Fund (CCF). Formed in 1980 with the aim of championing Singapore’s Co-operative Movement, the apex body represents majority of co-operative members in Singapore through its affiliated co-operatives.