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Revisiting ACLC 2023: Co-ops are Sustainable Enterprises

Revisiting ACLC 2023: Co-ops are Sustainable Enterprises
Caption: Revisiting ACLC 2023: Co-ops are Sustainable Enterprises

To steer the co-operative movement forward, ACLC 2023 visited topics on sustainability, data protection and grooming good leadership.

More than 120 participants attended the Annual Co-operative Leaders Conference (ACLC) in Taipei, Taiwan last year.

“This year, we have taken a powerful theme to heart, diving deep into the very essence of our co-operative DNA: that is Running Sustainable Businesses,” said Mr Tng Ah Yiam, Chairperson of the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) at the annual flagship event, which aims to help co-operatives strengthen their processes and capabilities to learn, stay relevant and continue serving their members in Singapore.

The theme for ACLC 2023 was “Running Sustainable Businesses”, which pays homage to co-operatives’ propensity to be self sustaining businesses that can impact societies and empower communities. “At our core, we believe that businesses can be a force for good, not just for profit but for the empowerment of the communities,” said Mr Tng.

108 co-operative leaders from 26 co-operatives attended ACLC 2023. Representatives from the Registry of Co-operative Societies (RCS) and the Central Co-operative Fund Committee were also present.

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