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Learning from Mutual Aid Initiatives and Co-operatives: Reflections from Baltimore, USA
Learning from Mutual Aid Initiatives and Co-operatives: Reflections from Baltimore, USA
28 Sep 2022 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Virtual
Learning from Mutual Aid Initiatives and Co-operatives: Reflections from Baltimore, USA
Knowing the positive impact that communities can have, how might we meaningfully connect and activate people and resources in a community to unlock their full potential and create social change?

Earlier this month, A Good Space's General Manager Vincent visited Baltimore, USA to learn how three mutual-aid initiatives and co-operatives harness the power of relationships to transform the lives of disadvantaged youths, empower low-wage workers and unify diverse communities.

This was part of a study trip that was organised by the Institute of Policy Studies and supported by Tote Board as part of the "Transforming the Non-Profit Sector" series of events.

In this virtual gathering, Vincent will share his personal learnings and reflections from the trip and invite participants to share their perspectives and the possibilities they see.

To ensure a more cozy session where folks have more time to share and interact with each other, we are limiting the number of participants to 30 this time so do register before spots run out!

Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2022
Time: 7.30pm - 9.00pm
Venue: Online via Zoom

In particular, Vincent will share the learnings and reflections he had from visiting the following organisations:
  • Baltimore Algebra Project - a non-profit that employs black youths to provide math tutoring programs to their peers and is run by the youths themselves, who do anything from scheduling tutoring classes, filing taxes to organizing advocacy campaigns to shut down construction of a $100 million youth jail in 2019.

  • Appalachian Field Services Co-operative - a worker-owned co-operative that employs people recovering from substance abuse, mental health conditions and ex-offenders to provide home renovation and property management services.

  • Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Development - Vincent's personal highlight from the trip, this organization helps local businesses form and re-form into co-ops, through helping them get access to knowledge and capital. They have supported co-ops of various kinds, from a full-service bicycle shop to a staffing agency that helps integrate residents returning to the community after incarceration.
Proposed Session Flow:

7.30pm - 7.40pm: Welcome + Icebreaker
7.40pm - 8.10pm: Sharing by Vincent
8.10pm - 8.40pm: Discussion in Breakout Groups
8.40pm - 9.00pm: Cross Sharing from Breakout Groups
9.00pm onwards: Chat and Chill


In attending this session, we ask that you make a contribution of $10 if you can. All funds raised from this session will go towards supporting the operational costs for the social impact work that A Good Space Co-operative is doing.

If you'd like to attend this session but are unable to make a contribution at this time, please email Rae at so we can share how you can still register.

Members of A Good Space can attend this session without making a contribution.

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