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100th International Day of Co-ops: 5 Co-ops Share Their Mission Statements

100th International Day of Co-ops: 5 Co-ops Share Their Mission Statements
Caption: 100th International Day of Co-ops: 5 Co-ops Share Their Mission Statements

On 2 July 2022, we celebrated the 100th International Day of Co-ops. That’s right, a century since co-operatives members gathered at International Cooperatives Alliance in 1923 to show the world the unity amongst co-operatives.

This year's theme is #CoopsBuildABetterWorld and ahead of the official Coop Day, we have reached out to some of the local co-operatives for a quote or two.

Check them out here:

TCC Credit Co-operative

"At TCC Credit Co-operative, we are firm believers that nobody should be deprived of education. Which is why we open our doors to low-income families, who earn from $1,200 a month, or those who have been rejected by other financial institutions through our education loans.

We also believe that everyone deserves a second chance at rebuilding their credit reputation. We offer consolidation loans to clear outstanding debts and clean up credit bureau reports, even for those with bad financial records."

NTU Students’ Co-op

"Our members are very important to us, and we would like to be as inclusive as possible. Hence, with Friends of Co-op, which we launched in the 2nd quarter of 2022, we are recognising more groups in our NTU community - particularly custodians and exchange students.

Custodians of our school are given a special rate to enjoy discounts at our Cafe and Retail Shop. We would like to show our appreciation for their hard work in keeping NTU such a remarkable place to be in. Because of them, we get to enjoy the blooming of flowers every season and our customers are able to enjoy a spick and span environment.

We are also offering exchange students across all local universities a 1-year membership at a very low price. We recognise that they too should have equal opportunity to enjoy the affordable food and merchandise at our stores. This is especially so when they would like to bring home souvenirs from Singapore. Our Retail Shop offers premium products for them to share with friends and family!

We source locally and provide avenues for NTU students to showcase their creative flair to the public. For example, earlier this year, we held our T-shirt Design Co-opetition with the theme surrounding our NTU community. Participants submitted designs encapsulating what they felt was special about NTU. From this competition emerged the top 3 most-voted designs. What was surprising was that 2 out of 3 of our winners were from non-design related fields of study (i.e., business and engineering). This showed us that there are many hidden gems in the NTU population. However, there are not as many opportunities around, as much as one would like, for such talents."

Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited

“Silver Caregivers supports and advocates for family caregivers in Singapore and its tagline is 'Caring for Caregivers.' We champion the cause of caregivers, especially the sandwiched group by empowering them with relevant holistic skill sets through workshops and seminars."


"At E4PID we endeavour to provide choices of employment for persons with special needs with proper guidance and help so that our staff can all thrive in a community of love and care. Our Mushroom Buddies brand is our first venture into mushroom farming and other mushroom products."


“At ISCOS, we are the one and only co-operative for ex-offenders. Our mission is to support ex-offenders to reintegrate successfully back into society by helping them achieve gainful employment, skills upgrading, and socio-emotional support even as they reunite with family and positive peers. We work closely with partners to help ex-offenders get back on track, thus building an inclusive society that supports second chances. We also encourage other members to give back to the community through initiatives such as beach cleaning."

Read this year’s message from the newly re-elected President of International Cooperatives Alliance Ariel Guarco here.

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