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Catch Up with Outgoing CCFC Member Mr Yoong Ee Chuan

Catch Up with Outgoing CCFC Member Mr Yoong Ee Chuan
Caption: Catch Up with Outgoing CCFC Member Mr Yoong Ee Chuan

SNCF caught up with avid co-operator Mr Yoong on his involvement with the co-operative ecosystem. 

Having been involved in the campus co-operative (Ngee Ann Polytechnic Consumer Co-operative, or NP Co-op), what was your most memorable experience within the co-operative ecosystem?

Mr Yoong Ee Chuan: The most memorable experience is seeing our students purchase and wear our affordable NP-branded apparel around campus. Today’s youth are both discerning about price and quality when it comes to fashion choices.

Were there mentors who guided you? Who were they and how did you benefit from them?

Mr Yoong: Within NP Co-op, my mentors were past office-bearers who led the way before my involvement. Within the CCF, I learnt a lot from the way our Chairman (Mr Tan Kian Chew) and various members deliberated the various initiatives put before the Committee for our decisions.

As an educator as well, how can co-operatives better communicate their values and goals to the younger generation?

Mr Yoong: Co-operatives need to engage the younger generation using platforms where they congregate. These include social media such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Co-operatives should find out what the younger generation cares about and see how co-operative values, principles and model can be an enabling vehicle for the younger generation to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

SNCF thanks Mr Yoong for his service and support for the co-operatives in SIngapore. 

By Sng Ler Jun

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