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Here are 10 SNCF Stories Co-operators Read and Loved In 2023

Here are 10 SNCF Stories Co-operators Read and Loved In 2023
Caption: Here are 10 SNCF Stories Co-operators Read and Loved In 2023

By Sng Ler Jun

To round off 2023, we recount the favourite and most read stories by fellow co-operators for this year.

We are grateful for another year of publishing exclusive content on local co-operatives with pieces that run the gamut from sustainability, talent development, and long-form profile reads. We thank you, our esteemed readers, for helping us document these special moments.

Recounting the memorable happenings in the past year, here are the most read stories that our fellow co-operators have read and ed for the year 2023.

1. Data Governance Matters: Top FAQs on Personal Data Protection Act 2023

What is PDPA? Who is PDPC? Why should co-operatives be kept to date with the latest development on data governance and PDPA?

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2. New Executive Council Elected to Helm Leadership Direction at SNCF

Following the 15th Triennial General Assembly, the new EXCO members will serve a three-year term from September 2023 to September 2026. The Executive Council members come from different co-operatives across different sectors—Service, Credit and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)—in Singapore.

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3. Gen Grit: World’s No. 8 Loh Kean Yew Reflects His Sports Journey and How He Is Open to Doing Good

If there is anything to glean from the national shuttler Loh Kean Yew, it’s that the world’s his oyster. At 26, he has cut his teeth at numerous competitive tournaments – including the Olympics, made the unconventional decision to give up academia for the sport and to hone his skills, won against two-time Olympic Champion and five-time World champion Lin Dan whom he grew up idolising, bested his rival-turned-friend, Olympic Champion Victor Axelsen, and became the first Singaporean to clinch the World Champion title in the 2021 Badminton World Federation World Championships.

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4. ‘Are Co-ops Still Relevant Today?’: Mr Lim Boon Heng at the Service Sector Forum 2023

Mr Lim Boon Heng is a familiar face in the co-operative eco-system. At the Service Sector Forum held earlier this year, he returned to share his take on whether co-operatives are still relevant today.

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5. Faces of Co-operator: Kerine Tay from SGTUFF Reflects on Her Journey Helping Tenants

Marketing Communications honcho at SGTUFF Ms Kerine Tay shares her reflections working in a co-operative and how the co-operative empowers tenants.

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6. Gen Grit: Millennial Wendy Tan’s Take On SG’s Youths After Engaging Over 10,000 Of Them

Having interacted with more than 10,000 youths with her team, Wendy Tan, the former executive secretary of Young NTUC, shares the low-down of the NTUC Youth Taskforce’s project findings.

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7.  On Singapore’s 58th birthday, three local co-operators look back to look forward

This National Day, Singapore National Co-operative Federation spoke with three co-operators from three co-operatives – SeaCare Co-operative Limited, Singapore Malay Teachers’ Co-operative Limited, Singapore Government Staff Credit Co-operative (SGS Co-op) – on their favourite segments of the national day parade celebrations and how their co-operatives do their part in nation-ibuilding.

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8. Faces of Co-operator: Bernard Yu of E4PID wants more people to support Mushroom Buddies initiative

On this list for a second time, this is a heartfelt story by SNCF’s in-house writer and content strategist. He reports on an interesting initiative by service co-operative E4PID. The Mushroom Buddies initiative seeks to empower persons with intellectual disabilities by giving them a space—in this case, an urban mushroom farm in the heart of Henderson estate—to learn employable skillsets.

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9. ‘Engaging members on sustainability is critical for success amongst co-ops’: Prof Ang Hak Seng

“Sustainability is at the core of what co-operatives do,” proclaims Prof Ang Hak Seng, director for the Centre of Excellence for Social Good at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. His keynote address at ACLC 2023 will share insights on how co-ops can weave sustainability messaging into their operations as well as debunk myths around it.

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10. Faces of Co-operator: Tony Lim from Love Empowered Wants All Children To Flourish

“Love Empowered is actually not a tuition centre,” says Tony Lim, the founder of Love Empowered Co-operative. The co-op’s ambitious beginnings had eight unique services—such as career coaching and training, distress hotlines and learning centres, to list a few—to boot, aimed at empowering children from different backgrounds.

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